We Learn So That We May Survive

Weiqing Lin

Professor Steven Alvarez

English 110

13 May 2012

We Learn So That We May Survive

In my opinion, we learn so that we may survive. As a student, education determines whether we will succeed or we will fail in our future. Nobody really knows what is going to happen next. Education plays a vital role in one’s life. Without education, I wouldn’t have gotten the knowledge and life experience that I have received from school.

My name is Weiqing Lin; I was born in China, on the 30th of May, 1993. I was raised and lived with my mother and her family. In retrospect, she taught me valuable lessons. I know that parenting is not easy; they try their best to satisfy their children; my mother work very hard to support me. I am the first child in my family attend college. My hope is one day I can graduate from college and find a well-paying job. Although my mom didn’t go to college due to economic hardship, but she hopes that I try my best in college; I will never fail to live up to what our parents expect of us.

When I was in China, I was an obedient student in school; I used to be one of top 5 students in the class. I also got some rewards. I deserved what I should get. Every time when I came back home from school, I spent most of time on school work; I always did my homework first before everything. I have failed a course once because I didn’t try my best and I felt disappointed. Because of this experience, I have learned how to do better. Even genius needs to study; nobody can succeed by doing nothing. So I spent more time on that course. As a result, it’s no surprise that I did great job on the final. My mother told me, ”failure is the mother of success.” I believe that if someone want do well on something, he generally works hard then try and try again until he reach the goal. Fail doesn’t mean anything, you still have chance to do well. At least you tried, right? I’m an optimistic person, I will never think negatively. Whatever challenge is handed to me, I will try to give it my best effort.

I never knew that one day I will come to America. I remember when I first came to New York, I didn’t speak any English. Because of that my grades went straight down; I felt lonely and I didn’t have any friends here. The first few years were the most difficult, I also had trouble with school work, and I was a little frustrated. The challenge of a new language was a big issue, every day in the moring I had to face my teacher and I acted like a nerd because I did not understand what was going on. It really gave me a hard time to adapt to the new environment. I fell behind because I did not understand well in school. But, everything needs a process. Hence, I chose to attend after school programs and I just wanted to improve my English skills. Now, my english has been improved a lot but I am still overcoming the obstacle with lots of hard work because I want to succeed.

Before we applied to colleges, we must take an exam called SAT. It was a big challenge for people who were non-native speaker. I took SAT twice, because I didn’t do well on the first
time. SAT words are rare; people don’t use that much in their daily life. For prepare of the second exam, I bought several SAT vocabulary and practice books and tried to deal with it. I couldn’t wait to know my grade after I took the exam. I still remember the grade was posted on midnight, I was so excited and I didn’t sleep a wink. It was 3 AM in the morning, I felt so great when I saw my grade. Because my test result went up about 500 points compares to the previous one. This is how I began to strive.

I was an ESL student in high school; I didn’t do well in my English class during my freshmen year. After I turned into a junior, I worried about the English Regent Exam. That was the test we must to take in order to move to regular English class. But, I tried, and I won. I have also got an reward from economic class in high school, it titled ‘The Student Of The Month’, and it also posted at the department. Student who got this  usually he was well behaved, and has high grades, or he did something extraordinary. I’m glad that I won this reward.

However, after I attend Queens College, to be honest, I become familiar with English. My English professor Alvarez is extremely helpful, he wants us to do well. I enjoyed every moments in the class, I also learned a lot from him, especially PIE paragraphs, they really work and it helps my writing become better and better. I could write a lot of stuffs by use PIE paragraphs. Furthermore, this course encouraged my writing skills, I also have confidence to continue English study. I believe I could improve.

I was actively involved in volunteer work when I was in high school; I completed 120 hours
volunteer opportunities in an accounting firm. For example, during tax season, I helped the poor and elderly with tax returns. I also assisted them with state and federal tax information. It also will help me get to know more about accounting in future after I get a degree in accounting. The more I practice, it will gets easier. Not only did I finished the work, but enjoy this life experience as well. It is interesting to learn how business and the economy affect our lives.

I have not decided my major yet. But, it is always my plan to work in accounting field in future; it is also a very stable career. I took microeconomic 102 in the last semester, I did great and I look forward to enrolling in macroeconomic 101 and accounting 101. I will learn how accounting allows people to keep track of what money is going in or out of their business, and how it separates out people’s expenses. My career goals for my three year college are I want to get a good GPA. Also, I would like to get an internship. It’s fun that you get your ‘ideal’ job after you graduate, and I will try my best as I can.

Attending Queens College helps me to actualize my goals I have set and desire to achieve. I am the best candidate for this scholarship. Getting a scholarship can have a major influence on my career, it can also mark me as an outstanding candidate for advancement. As a matter of fact it’s a big challenge for non-native speaker, I will try attack every challenge with confidence. I really hope I can have this chance to win. I am always ready to play.

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1 Response to We Learn So That We May Survive

  1. salvarez says:

    Weiqing, another well-written and smart essay. I hope you keep this essay and continue to revise it into the future. Hopefully you will add some material about volutneer and leadership experience.

    My suggestion is not to write: “I have not decided my major yet.” Don’t show what you haven’t done. Reword this to something like: “My academic interets lead toward accounting and economics” or something like that. You could also just delete the line and begin with the second sentence in that paragraph.

    Be specific and name the city where you were born in China, and also the name of the language(s) of Chinese you speak. Also name high schools you attended, and also any teachers of ESL who helped you. Also give the name of the accounting firm you volunteered for. Finally, how do you see yourself giving back to your community, or maybe helping students in the future who will go through something like you? Maybe in China or in the USA?

    8 out of 8 points.

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