[Revised] College Representations and An Ideal QC

Weiqing Lin

Professor Steven Alvarez

English 110

1 April 2012

          College Representations and An Ideal QC

My Thoughts On An Ideal College

Everyone thinks differently about their ideal college. In other words, everyone has a different dream of what college life should be. The college dream that I imagine would be more free. For example, students would be able to choose classes that they are interesting in, we wouldn’t have to take classes that aren’t relative to our major. We also should have more places for students to hang out so we could have a chance to make more friends, which includes social activities, something like sports and clubs. As a freshman, this is my second semester in Queens College. My college life is been colorful;  so far QC has a great feeling to it. However, I miss high school life, because it seems very different compare to college. In college, we are treated as adults; we have to make choices on our own, because students have more responsibilities and are more independent. My research compares three similar popular representations of college which I analyzed in relation to my viewpoint as an undergraduate.

College Stereotypes

Why do people need to go to college? In my opinion, People go to college can figure out what to do with their life; college is important depending on what you want to do with your life. People who didn’t  get educated would work low wages jobs to make money, and life would be difficult. In other words, we learn, so that we may survive. What comes to mind when you hear the word COLLEGE? Well, for most of the students, including me, college equals future. Even so, there’s always a gap between dream and reality.

Three Different College Representations

Not only do students go to college for knowledge, but also for life experiences . College life should be enjoyable, but it is inevitable that there are some problems with students on campus. Although I miss high school life, I have found to be college is fun and it is so much better than high school ever was. After watching ‘What I Hate About College’, Kevin talks about things in college that he can’t stand. For example, Kevin says living in a single room with everyone so close by so he has no privacy. Also, his father calls him every day for no reason, but the pitiful thing is that he has no kitchen in the dorm and the food in school is horrible. As a result, he have to eats cup noodles 6 days of a week.

The main reason that most students go away to college is because it’s the first step towards independence. In other words is students want not being dependent on others and can manage to handle everything by self. In my senior year in high school, I was considering debated whether I should go away to college or stay home, my mind went back and forth, it seems have both Pros and Cons. The personal freedom of college life can allows students to ‘grow up’ by making choices on their own. But finally I have chosen live at home. In the video above, Kevin tells us, ‘‘students lived so closed in the dorms and there is no privacy.’’ Sometimes he probably is doing something and someone just coming in without knock his door. In my ideal college, the dorm would be like an apartment where everyone would follow the rules. It would have a doorbell which is convenient. Because I am living at home, my parents often cook. I felt bad when Kevin said ‘‘the food there is not that good and it sucks cause I can’t cook, so I have to eat cup noodles like 6 days a week; I don’t even like the taste of it anymore.’’ This problem shows  students who live on campus have faced, disgusting food and they have no kitchen, so that forced him to eat cup noodles. As a rule, I don’t eat at Q Café. The truth is the food doesn’t taste good and it’s also expensive. I dream that someday Q Café will provides more food which would be like a buffet restaurant, so students have more options to choose from.

Not only do we learn in college, but exercises and social activities are important too. Sports are very important for college program; one reason for this is we need to have a healthy body in order to do things. In general, sports and social activities keep students active and gives them a life inside and outside of the school. The video is about an overview of Alma College student life, it shows how students ‘rock’ in the college; and the rich and varied student life opportunities they have on the campus.

At the beginning of the video, it stated, ‘‘this is what we want it, this is where we are going to be.’’ So many pictures shows  my mind when I was watching this video. I saw ice skating, music concerts, swimming, dancing, and other social activities. The music was wonderful and it also made me remember my school life in China. When I was a student in China, we had gym class every school day. For example, which includes basketball, jump rope, high jump, badminton and other activities. I loved them so much, especially badminton, I liked to play it every time  gym class started, and there was a sports competition between each grader. In contrast, after I came to America, I never heard of sports competition, even in high school. We took the gym class, but we didn’t have competition. The word ‘play’ has two meaning here; on one hand is for my school memory in China, on the other hand is college life in America. One reason of social life is to keep students active, another reason for this is we can enjoy our school day. Moreover, in my high school we have a big performance before the spring break, students come from different countries will present a performance at that night. Not only do students enjoy the show, but also get to know other culture difference between countries. In my ideal college would be  have more social activities which are like sports, clubs and we would have our own festival, which would makes students join together .

College is the place where we get knowledge. We are here to learn, and prepare for our future, so we can get a well-paying job. Some people think College is place for cliques and parties. In the music video ‘I love college’, college portrayed with people drinking and partying, day after day. I have only completed one semester at QC, and it’s totally huge difference from ‘ I love college’; I don’t think ‘party school’ is a nice name for a college. As a rule, I go to classes every day and I don’t have that much ‘free’ time to have a party, also I have never heard that happens in any colleges.

From my experience in QC, it isn’t like the video above. I have never seen or heard about it. College is not like this at all, it’s doesn’t show any college role model and nothing about the class or school work. I just feel if the purpose of going to college is for partying and playing, I think students are just wasting their time and destroying their future. In my opinion, college should be a quiet place, and comfortable environment which provides us to learn. Most of the people go to college because they want to get educated, and also get a well-paying job in future.  This video is not talking about college life but cliques and parties; from what I have seen in QC, most of the students are busy and they don’t have much time to congregate. In the video, Asher stated, ‘‘do I really have to graduate, or can I just stay here for the rest of my life? Do something crazy!’’ He enjoys college because of parties, alcohol, and girls. It makes college a place for fun and he never wants to leave, and the video makes these stereotypes more extreme than they are in reality. For him, college is like a bar only for where people get  together for fun. I don’t know why Asher would choose to perform a music video that sets a bad example. In my ideal college,  college would not be like this. In my opinion, we learn, so we may survive.  Most people have to do homework and study in college. If you want party, you don’t have to waste your money(tuition fee).  College is a place for people to gain knowledge, and where everyone can enjoy their life on campus. We can also have some fun in clubs during our free times. For example, we can play pokers, online games, and do other crazy things.

The Biggest Problems at QC

Mention an utopian college, and you might get these responses: lovely campus, good food quality and a lot of social activities. The word utopian means a perfect state, or an ideal place. If I can make some changes in QC and make it an ideal place, there would be three parts I would like to change in order to make it utopian for me. The first problem in QC is the general education requirements.  Although some classes don’t deal with majors, so they are pointless but we have to take them in order to graduate.  I think there should be more options for students or less requirements. The second thing I would like to change is the food in Q café. Given the expensive price of food and the horrible taste, it’s no surprise that students hate Q cafe. If I become the dean of QC, I will provide better quality ingredients. For example, buffet is a good idea. Students would like to eat in the cafeteria because there’s a lot of food for them to choose from. The last problem, is the lack of social life at QC. What do students do fun on the campus? Well, I can tell there is nothing going on on the campus and we don’t have enough social life. In my opinion, QC should offer more places or programs for students in order to make them active and also enjoy college life. It’s better to have more clubs and social activities. For example, sport competitions or have our own festivals would make college college life more enjoyable. In my opinion, by improving these issues to the campus, Queens College will be an utopian. In a Queens College utopian, students will be on a lovely campus and have ton of things to do.

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  1. salvarez says:

    Weiqing, some good writing here. In fact, I think it has some of your best writing of the semester. The stuff you wrote in the end about QC will relate to what you write in your next essay. In fact, those will be the starting points when you think about how things could be different at QC and what you’ve learned from somere of your experiences.

    For this essay, first, I like the addition of the subtitles. Make sure you get rid of the italics and capitalize the important words like in regular titles. You don’t need to use boldfaced type either.

    The PIE paragraphs look great too. I like how you used the video and found some key words and images. How could you write PIE paragraphs with the cooling-out function as the I section? What would that look like? You’ll have to do that in the next essay. Speaking of which: how do you see the cooling-out function happening in any of the videos? Will those students in the Asher Roth video drop out eventually? Do you notice the cooling-out function happening at Queens College?

    I think you should begin with the second paragraph, and have the two paragraphs, one and two, as one section with one subtitle. I like that second paragraph much more than the second, and I think it’s a better start to hook in your audience. The smaller paragraph you began with seems to support this second one more than vice versa.

    You should also add about three more sentences to the P section of the “I love College” PIE paragraph. The E sections in all your PIE paragraphs, however, are great.

    For revisions:

    –un-italicize the subtitles, and make sure to capitalize the Important Words of the Subtitle Like You Would the Title.

    –MLA: you nearly had the correct citation down. You can check your with this one, “A Page on a Web Site” here on the Purdue OWL:


    You have to italicize YouTube. You should also move the uploader to before the date it was published. You don’t need to include the website url either, but if you did, you have to put it in not (parentheses).

    Read what you wrote aloud to yourself and make some corrections. There were some typos that I think you would catch if you did this.

    6.6 out of 7 possible points.

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