My favorite classes at QC

So far, this is my second semester of freshman year in Queens College,  I taking intersting classes. If you want me to choose which classes make me enjoyable, I can tell you, my favorite classes at QC in this semester are English  and Computer Science; I go to class everyday, in English classs, we share our opinions and we discuss, that make us come to know each others more, the class is intersting, and the professor is nice. Although I am a college student, but I miss my high school life, in college, we treated as an adult, we were kids in high school. My farvorite classes in my high school were Chinese, Economic, Health, Gym, and English.  high school is easy, and there ‘s much less pressure than college. So everyone’s high school life should be enjoyable. I haven’t decided my major yet, i have no idea what to pick, then no point picking one, I think we have 2 years to pick one, the first year is almost over, i got to think of it fast, I envy for those people who know their major first year.

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