Extended Blog Work for April 2


In the film A Girl Like Me, African American teenage women come to understand their “place” with the racial hierarchy of theUnited States, for them, color is more important than skin deep,they were children at young ages  who already have in their mind they are bad and ugly, and that whites are pretty and good, they started think the darker they are, the worst they are , that’s RACIST, not fair for them, every one is equal.



According to the film, “15 out of the 21 children chose the white doll.” racist hurts people’s feeling, no matter how rich you are, no matter how good you are, if you are black, you arent equal to others. Time really changed, now all people are born equal, I dont  see the color, I have to to the people.There is beauty in every color, hate is bad, be proud of who you are.its terrible how dark skinned is shunned to so many people,  it hurts to hear it come from black people most of all. In my opinion, We are all friends of each other, people should not care the color, sex, religion.  I hope that one day there isnt racist, try to make our environment better, nicer. I can tell, no one in the world is perfect, some people are bad, some people are good, Color of a person does not define who you inside,  just becuase a peroson who is white and it means he is a good guy? no! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, AND WHERE YOU FROM.

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