An experience from my friend

This is an interview with my friend( Michael) .. a near death experience?


Me: Hey bro, how you doing man? Long time no see


Michael : so far so good, how about you?


Me: I feel bored now, wanna call some friends out tonight and have a drink? You must drive us home.


Michael: hell no, after that experience, I don’t drink at public anymore!!( look very serious)


Me: Did something happen to you?


Michael : Actually I don’t really remember. I think it happened Last year winter, I was at my friend’s birthday party, plenty of food, alcohol, also pretty girls; we played games, dance. Some girls came over to me and introduced themselves. I thought they wanted to make friend with me so we drank together, we had fun; we were happy, and I felt a little dizzy. Be a man, you know, in my own opinion its shame when you drink with others and you get drunk first.


Me: What happen next?


Michael : I kept drinking and drinking, I started taking nonsense, and afterwards I left alone. The weather that day was suck hell, it was snowing and that made it difficult to drive on, I felt sleepy when I was driving, when I crossed the highway and I didn’t see the traffic light, the car just moving ahead, I didnt pay any attention, horns blared sound everywhere, after I arrived home and I fell off a floor, I didn’t feel any painful and quickly fell asleep. The next day morning, I woke up with a terrible hangover and I’ve got a splitting headache, given my massive headache, it’s no surprise that I stayed at home for several days After that, I learned a lesson from that, that fact that I drank too much that night resulted in many problem.


Me : you are right, alcohol is dangerous and never drive after you drank, it’s might get you in to an accident.


Me : thank you so much for that, teach me a lesson and sharing your experience with me. I think you will never do that again; you have learned from that lesson!

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  1. salvarez says:

    Wow, there’s lots of material for studying a “plot” and storytelling with this interview. How did this storyteller perform this story? Did he make hand gestures, or use the voices of characters?

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