Evaluate the websites

After I read the first article about treeocopus, I think the source is not reliable  ; It ‘s all talking about the history of treeocopus, their living habit and what situation that they faced. After I saw the picture of a map in the site, it seem phony, and maybe someone made it up for some reason, and this site is not reliable for doing research. But the most important part that I think is about extinction. Although the tree octopus is not officially listed on the Endangered Species List,  it’s all because of human, we made it, pollutions, and also affect our environment. Anyway, that fact that rodents are not living in the ocean , and it are found in the ocean , that’s the reason why I think its completely false.

The second website weeklyworldnews.com, I think it’s funny, I saw a title name Aliens have landed in Volgograd and are taking over several large buildings. Do you believe it? If you ask me this kind of question, I might think you probably think too much, just like do you think the world gonna to be ends at this year? no body know the answer and no body have evidence to prove. However,  reporters will write something around our environment and  weather you believe or not or something  just like a fiction book.Whatever it’s ture or not, it’s good to catch you to read it, and the hook is also important, isn’t it? I’m also intresting on this kind of article.


The last website,Online, R U Really Reading? This article is reliable because the topic is influence our life and society. I spend a lots of time on my computer, just like many teenagers. Everyday when I come back home from school, the first thing that I need to do is turn on my computer. Honestly, this website is good and reliable, if you want to do some research, it’s very helpful.

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