Cliques are groups of people share same hobbies, and friends. you can see cliques all over campus. Sometimes cliques are made of students who have same interest in something, like computer games, video games, or a sport. Everytime when I walk around in the campus, I can see a groups of friends together, in the CAFE, they eat together because no one want to be alone; also in the library, groups of students study and do homework together. I think most of cliques are availble in this two places. Both boys and girls have cliques, boys cliques are often because of computer games, and sports; girls, I’m not sure, maybe because of fashion? clothes? or something else. Cliques usually happen in Elementary school, kids want to make friends, play together.

Every school have some cliques, people join together because of same nationality, the language they speak is the same,or from the same classes, and same age. So, I can tell, cliques are everywhere, inside and ouside the school.

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  1. salvarez says:

    Nice job with the obervations of the cliques around QC. I think you’re exactly right, they do congregate in “social” places like the library and dining areas. It’s interesting when you note that clique formations happen since the earliest years of schooling. This suggests to me that learning to be parts of groups, or cliques, is an important part of schooling. Note, though, that this part of education differs than when one learns how to read, write, or do mathematics problems. Often in cliques is where students learn how to socialize with folks around their same age.

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