Francis Lewis High School

My high school is located in Fresh Medow, Queens.  It‘s public school and established in 1960  。The school has approximately a 91% attendance rate and 80.5% graduation rate.

In keeping with the school’s diversity, Francis Lewis offers a plethora of foreign languages: Hebrew, French, AP French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Spanish, AP Spanish, AP Spanish literature, AP Japanese, and AP Chinese.

The number of students in FLHS are about 4600 and come from many difference places, we can know that from the language studies they support.

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1 Response to Francis Lewis High School

  1. salvarez says:

    Did you find any statement about what the school aims for its students?

    As for preparing you for college, do you think the school did a great job? You mentioned a great deal of diversity, so I think the students at QC must by and large resemble the experience you had.

    What about some of the courses you took, were they all helpful for you at QC so far? What are some of the things your school could have done better?

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