My best educational moment

Weiqing Lin

Feb 11,2012

English 110

honestly, not so many good educational moment come to my mind.  When I first came to America, I didn’t speak any English; because of that my grades went straight down; I felt lonely and I didnt have any friends at first; I can tell, came to America really changed my life.

mention best education moment and what will appear in your mind? It would have to be from my freshman year in high school. In my own opinion, being with friends is the best educational moment, why? because at least we are two people better than study alone. Of course I have a friend, his name is Zhang, he is my classmate in high school and also one of  my best friends. I met Zhang first school day in America. He is very obligin; he’s
sure to help if you ask him; he helps me with english . We had almost same class in freshman year, he really help me alot with my homeworks til I understand.we live very close, some times we friends went to school together at morning, you know, high school students need to wake up very early in the morning, not like college. we used to cut the classes in high school,  but now, I will never do it because I dont want fall behind. After I got to college, I found a big difference from high school; we are treated as adult here and we have to make choices on our own. In my impression, Zhang is a outgoing and kind person; he knew that I didnt understand the lecture and he helps me alot, friends who are always there when you need them are your best friends. Given my terrible english skills, it’s no suprise that I didnt understand well what the teacher talk about. we help each others. Tring to do our best, we spent more time on review for the state regents and SAT, and we studied SAT together although it was mad hard. As a result,we all successfully graduated from high school, now we are in different college, it ‘s just like open a new page , everything is new in college. Anyway he go to Baruch college, we meet less now because of that ,of course I miss my high school life, everything about high school, my friends, our childish.  I am now adjusting the level at QC, it’s just a process, everything needs a process, I must learn to adjust  to college life so I will make alot friends in QC, communication can also improve my english. When I  first arrived this English class, I’m kindly felt great , because it’s challenge for me; in the class, we write,also share our  opinion to the classmate , I think it’s great idea to know about other’s thoughs.  After that , I start feel being with friends is the best educational moment!!!!!

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1 Response to My best educational moment

  1. salvarez says:

    Sounds like having this friend helped you to adjust to the USA and to English. How do you find yourself adjusting to the level at QC? Have you found friends like Zhang here?

    How did you do in the courses when you first arrived? How did learning English go for you? How did you help Zhang with learning English as well?

    You can practice writing more about learning English and I think you would develop some great material you might be able to use later. Try another free-write using “I remember” for a ten or fifteen minutes, I’m sure you’ll come up with some great stuff.

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