Comparing two events about Protests at Queens College

The arctle I chose from the library data base is Queens Students Occupy Offices; this is about protesting a reply students demands, demonstrators blockade a building. it also shows  students feeling and voices, this was only one of the issues raised by the Occupy participants who gathered at the Queens college. Now comparing to this to protests at Queens College Cuny at this year, they are most similarities. In this video, we can see the students are protesting about the tution hike. However, the tution fee is increase every year, and the tutuion fee for this semeter is $2800 by 2012.

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2 Responses to Comparing two events about Protests at Queens College

  1. Weiqing says:

    The protest developed into an occupation.; It is the hope of the students to let their voices to be heard. Also, the article says,Several hundred Queens College students, angered by the school president’s walted up 12 flights of the college’s main administration building yesterday to seize his office. The protesters had demanded the dropping of charges against students and faculty members participated in earlier denionstrations; the reinstatement of a dismissed faculty member; and an end to dimissal of faculty members without publicly stating a reson. I will find a new article.

  2. salvarez says:

    Great point, the students back then were still using “occupy” means. What does that mean to occupy? Do you think it’s an effective tactic or not?

    Notice in those video of the student and pepper spray how students occupying were also provoking authorities.

    Can you also find the date of the article, as well as its title? If you can, you can of course attach it as a pdf too–it’s just like attaching an email.

    Great job connecting the video with the article. I like that.

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